Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) Is Concrete That Is Manufactured In A Batch Plant, According To Each Specific Job Requirement (Which All The Raw Materials Are Weighing Batched And Mixed At A Central Batching Plant), Then Delivered To The Job Site "Ready To Use". Ready-Mix Concrete Refers To Concrete That Is Specifically Manufactured For Customers Construction Projects, And Supplied To The Customer On Site As A Single Product. It Is A Mixture Of Portland Or Other Cements, Water And Aggregates: Sand, Gravel, Or Crushed Stone. All Aggregates Should Be Of A Washed Type Material With Limited Amounts Of Fines Or Dirt And Clay. An Admixture Is Often Added To Improve Workability Of The Concrete And / Or Increase Setting Time Of Concrete (Using Retarders) To Factor In The Time Required For The Transit Mixer To Reach The Site.

  • Raw Material Inward: Checking Of Incoming Raw Material As Per IS Frequency
  • Checking And Testing Of Raw Material: Checking The Physical Properties Of Incoming Raw Material Like Sieve Analysis, Specific Gravity & Water Absorption, Bulk Density, Aggregate Impact Value, Flakiness Index, Elongation Index, Moisture Content, Silt Content.
  • Design & Trial New Mixes: Design The Concrete As Per Inward Raw Material Properties And Take The Trial And Tested.
  • Batching & Mixing Of Concrete As Per Pre-Set Mix Design: Batch The Raw Material With Proven And Tested Mix Design At In House Laboratory.
  • Transport The Concrete At Site For End-User: Load The Concrete In TM And Transport At Site Within Time Limit For Smooth Execution.
  • Sampling Take The Sample From The Vehicle For Testing And Validate The Result At Matured Age.


  • All The Raw Materials Are Stacked In Separate Bins And Are Stored Under Cover So That Aggregates Are Not Exposed To Direct Sunlight And Pollutions.
  • Ensures Quality Check For Each Inward Raw Material.
  • Laboratory Ensures Quality Assurance For Each Batch Of Concrete.
  • Qualified And Skilled Professionals Manning Each Stage Of Operation.
  • Consistent Quality With Every Batch.
  • Assurance Of Desired Compressive Strength In Each Batch Of Concrete.
  • Super Vision During Concrete Pouring And After Completion


Plant Production Utilization 24 X 7
No. Of Transit Mixtures 8 NOS Each TM Carrying Capacity Of 7 CBM
No Of Concrete Pump Schwing Stetter Make 1400-D (2 Nos.)
Main Power DGVCL – 120 KVA
Power Standby DG Set Of 180 KVA, Mahindra
Material Feeding Belt Conveyor (Coarse & Fine Aggregates) Screw Conveyor (Cement & Fly Ash)
Mixer Type Single Shaft Pan
Silos 200 MT (Cement) 80 MT (Flyash)
Weigh Bridge 100 MT Capacities
Batching Operating System Schwing Stetter
Max. Distance Up To Supplies Permitted 50 Kms From The Plant Location


Cement OPC-53 Grade (Ultratech/Ambuja/JK Super)
Flyash GNFC
Coarse Aggregates Sahajanand Metals Of Chikhli (Own Quarry)
Fine Aggregates Nareshwer, Bodeli, Manufecture Crushed Wash Sand
Admixture Brands Like Yahska/Chryso/Mapei
Water Potable Water Supply


Cement Every 3 Months
Coarse Aggregates Every 3 Months
Fine Aggregates Every 3 Months
Admixture Every 3 Months
CTM-Compressive Test Machine CTM-Compressive Test Machine


Pysical Tests Coarse Agg. Fine Agg. Cement Fly Ash
Sieve Analysis Daily Daily - -
F.I. & E.I. Index Monthly - - -
Silt Content - Daily - -
Specific Gravity Monthly - - -
Water Absorption Monthly - - -
Impact Test Monthly - - -
DLBD Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly
Fineness - - Daily Daily


Type Of Test Concrete
Workability Per Lot
Yield Per Client
Compressive Strength As Per IS


  • Total 8 Nos Of TM With Capacity Of 7 Cu.M In each TM.
  • Total 2 Nos Of Pump Having Pipeline Capacity Up To 100mtr Each.
  • The Mixing Drum and Spirals Are Made Of Highly Wear Resistant Steel with A High Performance Of Chromium (0.8%) And Nickel (0.6%).
  • Transit Mixer Is To Be Covered With Hessian Cloth, Which Is To Be Maintained Wet When TM Is In Use For Maintaining Of Temperature Of Concrete.
  • Own Diesel Tanker For Smooth Movement & Working Of Pump & TM


  • The Use of High Tech Technology, Consistent Methods Produce Excellent Quality Concrete.
  • Less Time Consuming and Delivered In Ready To Use Condition. Can Easily Be Delivered To Multiple Sites Within A Project.
  • Does Not Require Storage Of Construction Materials At The Site.
  • Less Air And Noise Pollution At The Job Site
  • Wastage Of Materials At The Site Is Minimal.
  • Economy in the Use of Raw Materials Results In Conservation Of Natural Resources.
  • Small Or Large Quantities Of Concrete Can Be Delivered Timely At The Construction Site.
  • It Reduced Man-Made Errors At The Site As RMC Has Less Dependency On Human Labourers.
  • It Improved Durability Of Concrete.
  • Ready Mix Concrete Is Environmental-Friendly.


Plain Concrete
  • DLC, PCC, M 5, M 10, M 15
Standard Concrete
  • M 20, M 25, M 30, M 35, M 40, M 50
Special Concrete
  • Free Flow Concrete
  • Semi Fee Flow Concrete
  • Fibre Concrete
  • Temperature Controlled Concrete
  • Light Weight Concrete
  • Semi Water Proof Concrete
  • Corrosion Proof Concrete
  • Durable Concrete

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