Ready Mix Plaster

HK plaster is a polymer reinforced Portland cement based ready mix plaster used for exterior and interior ready mix plaster high content in polymer, additives, it is control shrinkage as well as improved workability, curing, saving time and cost.HK plaster recommended plastering on celling, concrete surface, bricks and AAC blocks.Mix manually or mechanically a 40 kg bag of HK ready mix plaster with 7 to 8 litres of clean water until a homogeneous paste is obtained. Let the mix rest for a few minutes. Apply the plaster on the prepared surface by spraying it or manually with a plastering trowel at a thickness between 15 and 16 mm. finish the surface with a wooden or steel float as required. Let the product set properly on the surface before any curing.


  • Lesser curing time
  • Crack free plastering
  • Better workability
  • Lowers the cost of the construction with better quality
  • Enhanced waterproofing of plastering surface
  • Minimum wastage of resources
  • Increases reliability in post plastering quality assure


Colour Gery Powder
Compressive Strength > 9 Mpa @ 28days
Flexural Strength >1.8 Mpa @28 Days
Water REQUIREMENT 17 – 19%
Pot Life 90 Minutes
Water Retention Min. 95%
Applied Thickness Each Coat 6 - 12 Mm
Coverage 15 - 20 Sq.Ft / 40kg Bag (10 – 12 Mm Thickness)


  • Contains Portland cement and silica sand.
  • Freshly mixed cement is highly alkaline and may cause skin injury.
  • Avoid creating and inhaling dust. Provide ventilation and respiratory protection.
  • Wear skin and eye protection. Dust mask recommended.
  • Please refer to (MSDS) material safety data sheet before using product.